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Creative Concept

The logo is a promise. We have Tavira letters disposable in other sequence, which introduce dynamism in its own name morphology taking citizens to feel its own city in a new level, that Tavira is changing for better. The anagram is best way to call attention to the brand, which is an authentic icon of a new Tavira feature, its business area.

The city was our starting point, now with a business feature dynamic due to the new two infrastructures. The creative concept is centered on the brand name, creating a distinct universe, which takes advantage from the positive relation in order to present a city new business side.

The new brand introduces to the communication all the advantages and arguments in a fluidly way through the word ‘Ativar’. This allows brand to keep a consistent tone on a dynamic and direct way to communicate, increasing positive feeling and memories around the new two business parks.

The branding is reinforced by lettering and colours which gives dynamism and sustainability to the Corporate Identity and is a unique brand in its segment (municipal companies) with an unmatched and distinct position.

The slogan ‘The active pulse in the city’ introduces an emotional side, provides a sustainable urban environment and creates citizen’s sense of belonging to region, promoting the entrepreneurship and inclusiveness, associated to the new business pulse.



Identity Manual

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